Photos by Aéngus

Studied Documentary Photography at Nottingham University and received a BA(Hons)Degree in Visual Communication in 1984.

I specialize in Documentary Photography and i am always looking for the honesty and the ‘essence’ in my work.I do not use Photoshop and i only use Lightroom as i would if i was printing in a Film darkroom..using contrast and shadows to bring the emotion to the image.

I am a Working Class man of an Irish Mother and Scottish Father who grew up in the English City of Cambridge. At 19 I went to Nottingham University on a very prestigious Visual Communications Art course where Only 35 people were chosen from a pool of thousands .I specialized in Documentary Photography and i was inspired by the greats…Cartier-Bresson.August Sander,Diane Arbus,Ansel Adams.i graduated at the top of my class in 1985 ..and left to become this great Documentary Photographer where i would travel all over the world and tell peoples stories and shoot amazing landscapes ..and then Life hit me with a Punch..no money ..couldnt get work as a Fine Art Photographer…worked in a Jam Factory for a while then went to work as a Pipe-fitter welders assistant for a year..60-70 hr weeks ..hard labor just about killed all creativity in me after that became a Milkman for a year ..80+hour weeks and working very early hours …again …at 25 i became a Social Worker for Handicapped Kids (Which I LOVED)did very little photography for the next 5 years…and it killed me inside ..at 30 i met the LOVE of My life a stunning Colombian woman Carmen..I emigrated to the USA with $75 and a bag to be with My Girl as she was living in Los Angeles …my wife would look at my Art from when i was at College and she became my biggest fan,,,she pushed me ..to pick up the Camera again.,.and for about a year i was getting sporadic work as a photographer for Bands,,did a book cover…some posters ..CD covers ..and i felt great again..felt like …New Country …new Life..this could work ,,,we still had no money and we had two beautiful daughters(youngest wasn’t born yet)and we were apartment managers in a very rough gang infested building in the Valley ,Los Angeles ..so rent was free and it allowed me to pick up some occasional work doing Band photos,,didn’t pay anything really but i felt anything was possible …the dream was still alive …

Then i was offered work in the entertainment industry as a Caterer/Craft service crew member ..i then had three young daughters ..we were living hand to mouth …i very gratefully took the work and it soon became 80+ hour weeks again..i had to look after my Family…once again the dream was Lost…and it really affected me this time…i would never talk about my Art…in fact many many people i met in the next 20 years never knew my dream..i didn’t want to talk about it was dead..i WAS a Photographer NOT I AM a Photographer ..it was past tense ..every now and then my ever faithful wife would push my work..and people would look at my stuff from my early 20s and would be in awe…but to me ..it was wasted talent ..it was painful to look at those past images ..i felt i had let myself down…

Whoosh…20 years flies by..i build a small business which caters to the entertainment industry …my family grows up ..and suddenly at 54 i found myself with time to go back and see family and friends back in England/Scotland and Ireland ..it had been 24years since i had returned ..i was overwhelmed by the experience ..i couldn’t take it all in..i found myself walking for hours and hours a day ..and i started to take photos with my I-PHONE ..it was my way to try and understand the reconnection with country and people after so so long…i started to post photos on my FB page and got many many comments and likes…people we’re very complimentary …i started to get my ‘eye’ back ..over the next 18months i ONLY used my I-Phone with basic editing …i got very very good results but i was frustrated because i knew what i can do and i was limited by equipment ….last year i started to get some very good mirrorless cameras and lens..and i invested in really good printers and for the last 18months i have been trying to get comfortable with how digital photography works …i have been photographing as much as i can (whilst still running two businesses and being a dad and Husband).

I am the Happiest i have ever been in my life as i feel i am now doing the thing i should always have been doing,respectful Documentary Photography,meaningful portraits and beautiful Serene landscapes.

I print all my Work and am in the process of collating my favorite images for future exhibition all done on Fine Art papers 24x30.

My Artistic Vision is at the Moment to start doing in Depth stories where i embed myself with interesting subjects and tell a Story that flows with Narrative and Images.The Relay Riders is a project that i will continue over the next two years ,i am traveling to Colombia in 2019 to start a Story there ,North Dakota to Sturgis to start a Story there,hopefully Haiti to document the Building of a School,Ireland and Scotland to start a personal Project on The Celtic peoples ..I am ALWAYS Open to suggestions or leads to sub-cultures and projects that i would always shoot with honesty and empathy.

ANYONE i take Photographs of in any of these personal self-funded projects are welcome to free Prints and i can send J-Pegs for use on their social Media sites.I am trying to build my portfolio over the next 3-4 years and that is my true vision…i have a catering business that thankfully pays the bills and allows be COMPLETE Artistic freedom to Photograph what i want without trying to sell a product.Its the first time i have felt free as an Artist.

I do hope to from these projects to create exhibitions and put stories into Magazines/Papers 1) real life artistic images with real and raw stories.2)To establish my self as an Artist.

My Company SaoirsePictures is pleased to announce that we are accepting Portrait Commissions.If you or Loved Ones want a truely incrediable portrait that will capture your or their essence in my original Fine Art Documentary style ,a style that has been developed over the last 35 years and is uniquely my own and will immortalize the subject forever please contact me .

I have a Fine Art degree and use state of the Art cameras and I Print all my own work on Museum Quality papers using the finest inks .I am 100% in control of process from Start To Finish .

When i take someones portrait i always approach with an open heart and intent ,i am looking for a special connection between Subject the Artist and the Camera ...i want to capture something that will tell something thing stronger something deep inside.about that persons truth at that moment ...i want their soul to appear for just that beautiful split second ..i am always humbled by the experience and always grateful to everyone who has allowed this Celtic Man to connect and capture an essence of who their are or who they want to be ..i want the emotional connection ..i am a true Empath so much so it feels overwhelming at times but it also my gift...took me a long time to understand that ..i just was too sensitive everyone told me...i thought it was a weakness for a long long time ..i now know its my greatest strength.as it allows me to connect with my Art is such a deep and personal way....

Please call me for Pricing and Avail.

818 212 9256